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Delhi Township Trustee moonlights as Elvis


Delhi Trustee Moonlights As Elvis

12 WKRC Cincinnati News

A good politician can walk in every man's shoes. A Delhi Township trustee follows more foot steps than most. Local 12 reporter Dennison Keller found the steps that draw most attention to Mike Davis are made in blue suede.

If Davis seems especially well versed in the holy trinity, it may be because he lives a triple persona himself. By day, he's a religion teacher, by night, a trustee, and by the weekend, he's "The King."

Davis performs as an Elvis impersonator every Friday night at Grand Victoria Casino. He also covers impressions ranging from George Burns to Dean Martin.

It was the Elvis act, however, that drew the most curiosity when Davis won a seat on Delhi Township's board of trustees last November.

"I don't mind that, but not when that becomes the focus. Mike Davis is a teacher of life. Mike Davis is a Christian. Mike Davis is an entertainer."

While Davis won his trustee seat outright, he knew the Elvis act could give him some credibility problems. "Rest assured, the jokes fly," he said.

Fellow trustee and former state legislator Jerry Luebber said the good natured ribbing continues, but when it comes to Delhi, Davis is all business. "He's got some nice ideas, and he's going to have the opportunity to put them in motion," Luebber said.

In addition to his Grand Victoria run, Davis will perform Thursday, April 22, at the St. Ignatius School off North Bend Road. The performance will benefit the Leukemia Society. Showtime is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.


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